Kitchen & Bath Hardware

A well-designed kitchen often serves as the center point of your home. Each detail, from the graceful curve of the faucet to the materials used in the basin, can highlight your personality.

Bain Ultra Jet Baths

Bain Ultra

By inventing the air jet bath, BainUltra brought an entirely new dimension to hydrotherapy and set a new standard in bathing which still stands today.

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Victoria + Albert IOS Bath

Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert Baths is a British brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding bathtubs and basins.

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THG Paris Baths

THG Paris

Since 1956, THG Paris has established itself as THE brand for high end bathroom fittings and accessories. Semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass, natural marble: the brand scrupulously selects top quality materials to create exceptional pieces. THG Paris represents resolutely timeless luxury and art of living.

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Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam has been in the "Feel Good" business since 1917, producing top quality steam systems, products and spa experiences. Feeling good is part of Mr. Steam’s DNA. Feeling good is the how and why we get up in the morning.

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Acryline Baths

Acryline Spa Baths

Acryline has over 60 different shapes and sizes to meet the aesthetic needs of our bathers and over a half dozen showers and shower doors to meet the needs of the ones that may not have the room or time for a spa bath.

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Hydro Systems Baths

Hydro Systems

Hydro Systems manufactures a full line of high quality bathtubs and accessories to suit the needs of all our customers.

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Bates and Bates Custom Sinks

Bates and Bates

Bates & Bates gives you the ideal choices to create your perfect kitchen or bath setting.

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Native Trails Copper Sink

Native Trails

At Native Trails, each piece we create is a one-of-a-kind functional work of art, crafted by hand from sustainable materials such as recycled copper, reclaimed wood, and bamboo; each piece reflects the unique style and technique of the artisan who so skillfully created it.

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Santec Custom Faucets


Incorporating equal measures of art and technology, Santec is dedicated to creating innovative bath and kitchen products that meet the highest standards of quality, design, and functionality.

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Decorative fixtures from Sigma


Sigma Designer Faucetry has been a leading manufacturer of decorative bath fixtures and accessories for over twenty years.

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Stone Forest Custom Sinks

Stone Forest

Stone Forest takes its lead from nature's blueprint. Contemporary designs for the bath & kitchen are sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods.

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Watermark Custom Faucets


Characterized best by impeccable style, clean aesthetics, industrial tones and elegant finishes, Watermark's success is cultivated in the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees.

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Waterstone custom faucets


Waterstone Faucets offers a wide variety of faucet types, available in a traditional or contemporary styles. Waterstone's six unique styles, or "Suites", complement the elegance of your kitchen.

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Custom sinks by Newport Brass

Newport Brass

Newport Brass handcrafts timeless classics that transform the everyday kitchen or bath into beautiful rooms of distinction.

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Forged brass bathroom accessories by Ginger


Ginger is an innovation driven designer of solid forged brass bathroom accessories, lighting and mirrors.

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Custom Faucets by The Rubinet Faucet Company

The Rubinet Faucet Company

Rubinet fixtures grace some of the most prestigious hotels and homes in the world—from the Atlantis on Paradise Island, Turnberry Place in Las Vegas to addresses in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods.

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