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Sigma Designer Faucetry

Sigma Designer Faucetry

Sigma Designer Faucetry has been a leading manufacturer of decorative bath fixtures and accessories for over twenty years.

Sigma has enjoyed many opportunities to be featured in luxury hotels, residential projects and other commercial settings. Working with architects and designers has provided Sigma with some of our most exciting and challenging experiences, allowing us to express our passion for beautiful design and intricately crafted pieces created in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology and always with an eye to product quality and integrity. Sigma's custom plating and PVD capabilities, coupled with manufacturing knowledge and expertise, have placed us in a unique position to meet the needs of commercial clients.


100 Verona Faucet
300 Orleans Faucet
620 Modern Faucet
3200 Madison Faucet
20 Modern Faucet
485 Ancerre Faucet
3200 Single Hole Faucet
720 Valencia Shower Set
3200 Luxembourg Shower Set
500 Montreal Faucet

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